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About Debra A Erickson-Owens

Very early in her nursing career, Dr. Erickson-Owens realized she had two passions. The first was caring for mothers and babies and the other was educating nurses and midwives. She has managed to keep both these passions alive. During her 20 year career as a military officer, she worked exclusively in maternity care. Her roles were varied-staff nursing, flight nursing, nurse administration and advanced practice as a nurse-midwife. She was also the director of the US Air Force Nurse-Midwifery program in conjunction with Georgetown University. After retiring from the USAF, she joined the URI Nurse-Midwifery faculty and served as its director from 2004-2005. In 2009, she completed her PhD from URI. Her dissertation was a pilot randomized controlled trial focused on the management of the umbilical cord at time of cesarean section. Her findings support the importance of placental transfusion at the time of birth.
Currently, she is the coordinator of URI's Graduate Nursing Education Concentration. In that role, she is very involved in supporting nurses who want to be educators. She is dedicated to "midwifing the students" who will be her future nursing education colleagues. In addition to that role, she is actively involved in clinical research at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence.


Present Faculty Member, University of Rhode Island


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