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Book Review: The Religious Thought of Chu Hsi
Journal of Chinese Religions
  • Julia Ching
  • Deborah A. Sommer, (司馬黛蘭), Gettysburg College

Author: Julia Ching

Book Reviewer: Deborah Sommer, Gettysburg College

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Julia Ching's Religious Thought of Chu Hsi is one of several Western-language works in recent years to address issues of religiosity and spirituality in the Confucian tradition. Somewhat earlier are several full-length books devoted to the thought of one particular thinker, much of which could be considered "religious," although the authors do not necessarily focus on that theme. Zhu Xi's religious beliefs and practices have been the subject of several chapter-length studies in Western languages. And Zhu's studies of ritual have been translated in Patricia Buckley Ebrey's Chu Hsi's Family Rituals. Neither of those works, however, approaches their subject from the perspective of the history of religions. [excerpt]
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Sommer, Deborah. Review of The Religious Thought of Chu Hsi, by Julia Ching (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2000). Journal of Chinese Religions 29.1 (September 2001): 286-288.