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The Role of Different Narratives in Recognizing Peer Expertise in Collaborative Programming Projects
  • Deborah A. Fields, Utah State University
  • Y. B. Kafai
  • Role,
  • Different,
  • Narratives,
  • Peer,
  • Expertise,
  • Collaborative,
  • Programming,
  • Projects
Publication Date
January 1, 2011
Citation Information
Fields, D. A. & Kafai, Y. B. (2011). The role of different narratives in recognizing peer expertise in collaborative programming projects. In H. Spada, G. Stahl (Eds), N. Miyake, & N. Law (Eds), Connecting computer-supported collaborative learning to policy and practices: CSCL11 community events proceedings, International Society of the Learning Sciences, Hong Kong, China, 701-705.