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The description and evaluation of the implementation of an Integrated Healthcare Model.
Families, Systems, and Health (2010)
  • Deborah Coolhart, Syracuse University
  • Jennifer S Funderburk
  • D E Sugarman
  • Stephen A Maisto
  • P. Ouimette
  • M. Schohn
  • Larry Lantinga
  • L. Wray
  • Steven Batki
  • Bruce Nelson
  • K. Strutynski
Two studies were conducted to examine the practical implementation of an integrated health care model in five primary care clinics in the Upstate New York Veterans Affairs (VA) system. The aims of the studies were: (a) to describe the basic clinical elements of the integrated health care service offered by behavioral health providers (BHPs) in the primary care setting, and (b) to evaluate the perceptions of providers and patients regarding integrated health care practices in their primary care clinics. In Study 1, we reviewed 180 electronic medical records of patients who met with a BHP in primary care. In Study 2, we used semi-structured interviews and self-report questionnaires to collect information from 46 primary care providers, 12 BHPs, and 140 patients regarding their perceptions of integrated health care in their primary care clinics. Both studies illustrate a useful method for evaluating the practical implementation of integrated health care models.
  • integrated health care,
  • primary care,
  • veterans
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Deborah Coolhart, Jennifer S Funderburk, D E Sugarman, Stephen A Maisto, et al.. "The description and evaluation of the implementation of an Integrated Healthcare Model." Families, Systems, and Health Vol. 28 Iss. 2 (2010)
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