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Learning from sexual minorities: Adolescents and the coming out process.
Guidance and Counselling (2005)
  • Deborah Coolhart, Syracuse University
  • Anibal Torres Bernal
This article examines how a widespread homophobic ideology makes the coming out process for adolescents an event that is traumatic, potentially threatening the physical integrity of the coming out adolescent. It outlines the relational and individual processes specific to those youths who are able to successfully adapt and develop in the face of physical and psychological harm. Finally, the article argues that the relational structures and processes used by successful coming out adolescents can guide the development of a successful intervention program. Such a program can be designed not only for coming out youths but also for other populations faced with traumatic, stressful, and challenging experiences that may lead to maladaptive.
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Deborah Coolhart and Anibal Torres Bernal. "Learning from sexual minorities: Adolescents and the coming out process." Guidance and Counselling Vol. 20 Iss. 3/4 (2005)
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