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The Implementation of Gender-Neutral Housing: A Mixed-Methods Study Across ACUHO-I Member Insitutitions
Journal of College and University Student Housing (2016)
  • Deborah Taub, Binghamton University--SUNY
Gender-neutral housing has recently become an option at colleges and universities across the U.S. Chief housing officers at Association of College and University Housing OfficersInternational member institutions were surveyed online about the status of gender-neutral housing at their respective campuses, using an instrument adapted by the researchers from the 1979 work of DeCoster on coeducational housing. Gender-neutral housing has been discussed or considered at most (approximately 85.6%) of the 306 responding campuses; only about 14.4% of responding institutions reported that they had not considered it at all. When obstacles were encountered, the most common were lack of suitable housing facilities, public relations concerns, lack of upper-level support, and lack of student interest. Existing gender-neutral housing policies at responding institutions were analyzed for themes.
  • Gender-neutral housing,
  • housing,
  • ACUHO-I,
  • co-educational housing
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Taub, D. J., Johnson, R. B., & Reynolds, T. (2016). The implementation of gender-neutral housing: A mixed-methods study across ACUHO-I member institutions. Journal of College and University Student Housing, 42(2), 76-93.