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South Asia Sub-Region Synthesis Report
  • James Jennings
This report came about after a long process of capacity building workshops at the regional, subregional,
national and sub-national levels; bilateral and sub-national consultations; technical visits to
the countries; and validation by the countries and EFA partners. Gathering data and analyzing the
educational disparities within the country was a tedious task that needed much time, concentration
and patience. The dedication and commitment showed by the South Asian countries in carrying out
the national assessment and sharing the results with the UIS-AIMS Unit, UNESCO Bangkok was crucial
to the completion of the sub-regional report. We thus thank, first and foremost, Bangladesh, Bhutan,
India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for sharing with UNESCO various drafts of their national
EFA Mid-Decade Assessment reports, which is a core component of this sub-regional report. Country
representatives also reviewed and validated this sub-regional report.
  • Educational system,
  • Early childhood education,
  • Basic education,
  • Primary education,
  • Life skills,
  • Literacy,
  • Girls education,
  • Gender equality,
  • Education equality,
  • Asia Pacific
Publication Date
UNESCO Bangkok
Publisher Statement
UIS-AIMS staff past and present who have contributed greatly to the completion of this report include, Nyi Nyi Thaung, Leotes, Lugo Helin, Subramaniyam Venkatraman, Alexandra Denes, Garnett Russell, Panuwat Cholbushpakul, Minori Yamada, Norihide Furukawa, Anna Favalli, Ngamnet Aektasaeng, Fujika Mawatari, Debbie Wong, Malisa Santigul, Megha Kapoor and Takamasa Uesugi.
Citation Information
James Jennings. South Asia Sub-Region Synthesis Report. Bangkok(2009)
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