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The 2020 Physician Job Description as Driver for Medical Education
Aurora UW Family Medicine Faculty
  • Deborah Simpson, Aurora Health Care
  • Andy Anderson, Aurora Health Care
  • John R Brill, Aurora Health Care
  • Carla Kelly, Aurora Health Care
  • Jeffrey Stearns, Aurora Health Care
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Multiple reports emphasize that medical education (ME) be “more responsive to changes in healthcare needs, the organization and delivery of care and the shifting expectations of patients”. Yet the array of “musts” from these reports and ME accrediting bodies is bewildering. As competency-based ME designers we began at the end: identifying the key 2020 physician job features.


Key informants were identified from stakeholder group leaders invested in the 2020 physician (e.g., health care systems, MEs, professional societies, accrediting bodies). Round 1: 20 informants were invited to answer “It’s 2020 and you are hiring a physician … what would be your job description in terms of distinguishing features, roles, and responsibilities?” and to identify other informants. Round 2: 30 informant interviews were completed. Analysis used constant comparative approach to identify themes. Themes were refined and finalized with > 100 additional stakeholder discussants. Following review project was determined not to require IRB oversight.

Results/Lessons Learned

98% of invited informants (50/ 52) participated. Six major2020 physician job features emerged: (1) Provide proactive health care for patients and populations; (2) Lead/serve as members of interprofessional teams; (3) Communicate superbly with professionalism; (4) Digital, data, and technological fluency; (5) Agilely adapt and innovate to changing health care complexities; (6) Committed to lifelong learning and self-care.


Redesigning medical education to focus on 2020 job features will better define our roles as medical educators and align with competency-based education.

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Simpson D, Anderson A, Brill J, Kelly C, Stearns J. The 2020 Physician Job Description as a Driver for Medical Education. AAMC Medical Education Meeting. Research Poster Presentation. Chicago, IL. November 6-7, 2014.