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Addressing Barriers to Resident & Faculty
Aurora Family Medicine Residents
  • Deborah Simpson, Aurora Health Care
  • Richard J Battiola, Aurora Health Care
  • Kathryn Rapala, Aurora Health Care
  • Wilhelm Lehmann, Aurora Health Care
  • Jeffrey Willert, Aurora Health Care
  • Jonathan Fahler, Aurora Health Care
  • Aboud Affi, Aurora Health Care
  • Aijza A. Noor, Aurora Health Care
  • Mark Robinson, Aurora Health Care
  • Jeffrey Stearns, Aurora Health Care
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Incident reporting has been recognized as a critical strategy for improving patient safety (PS) as is the focus area/pathway ACGME’s Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER). Yet despite its importance, physician incident reporting remains limited hindering efforts to learn and develop processes to prevent future occurrences. An often cited barrier to physician reporting is that submissions go into a “black hole” with no process for learning. Through collaboration with incident reporting leaders, we developed an approach whereby residency program directors review incidents related to their program from an educational perspective.

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Simpson D, Battiola RJ, Rapala K, Lehmann W, Willert J, Fahler J, Affi A, Noor A, Robinson M, Stearns J. Addressing Barriers to Resident & Faculty Incident Reporting. 2016 AAMC Integrating Quality Meeting: Optimizing Care and the Clinical Learning Environment. Rosemont, IL. June 9-10, 2016.