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Predictors of Early Retirement Among University Faculty
The Gerontologist (1987)
  • Deborah Monahan, Syracuse University
  • Vernon L. Greene
In response to an incentive early retirement plan for university faculty, those choosing to retire early were in poorer health and faced a smaller proportional income decrement upon retirement. Retirers were less satisfied with their teaching assignments, though not with their salary and recent raises. They rated themselves lower in research productivity but higher in teaching and community service, felt that their professional contributions were less well recognized, felt less adequately consulted in important decisions, and experienced a poorer sense of fit in their department.
  • early retirement; academia; productivity; job satisfaction
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Deborah Monahan and Vernon L. Greene. "Predictors of Early Retirement Among University Faculty" The Gerontologist Vol. 27 Iss. 1 (1987)
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