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Scenario Planning: Developing a Strategic Agenda for Organizational Alignment
Research Library Issues (2012)
  • Deborah Ludwig, University of Kansas
  • Jennifer Church-Duran, University of Kansas
This article describes the use and principles of scenario planning as a critical tool to effectively address the complex and uncertain environments in higher education. It looks specifically at the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) scenario-planning project "Envisioning Research Library Futures: A Scenario Thinking Project."

The original published version is available from the Association of Research Libraries' Research Library Issues (RLI) 278
  • strategic planning; scenario planning; library administration;
Publication Date
March, 2012
Publisher Statement
Research Library Issues (RLI) focuses on current and emerging topics that are strategically important to
research libraries. The articles explore issues, share information, pose critical questions, and provide
Citation Information
Deborah Ludwig and Jennifer Church-Duran. "Scenario Planning: Developing a Strategic Agenda for Organizational Alignment" Research Library Issues Iss. 278 (2012) p. 8 - 16
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