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Critical communication pedagogy
  • Deanna L. Fassett, San Jose State University
  • John T. Warren, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
"One of the great strengths of the book is that it illustrates how critical pedagogy might actually look and feel and be useful as an organizing principle in an educator's life. The wonderful statements about empowering students, creating spaces for dialogue, and envisioning moments of empancipation are hard to translate into real institutional settings. The authors are willing to open up their own areas of vulnerability by describing their efforts to encact critical pedagogy and ten refelecting on their missteps, disappointments, and blind spots."—Jo Sprague, San José State University
In this autoethnographic work, authors Deanna L. Fassett and John T. Warren illustrate a synthesis of critical pedagogy and instructional communication, as both a field of study and a teaching philosophy. Critical Communication Pedagogy is a poetic work that charts paradigmatic tensions in instructional communication research, articulates commitments underpinning critical communication pedagogy, and invites readers into self-reflection on their experiences as researchers, students, and teachers.   
  • General Curriculum & Instruction Methods (K-12),
  • Instructional Communication,
  • Issues in Education,
  • Program Evaluation,
  • Research Methods in Communication,
  • Training & Development
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Deanna L. Fassett and John T. Warren. Critical communication pedagogy. Thousand Oaks, CA(2007)
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