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About Deana Leahy

Deana Leahy BEd(Ballarat) MA(Ballarat)PhD(Deakin)

Deana is a lecturer in the School of Education at Southern Cross University, Australia. Presently her research interests are framed by a concern about the political and moral work that is ‘done’ under the guise of improving the health of young people in various settings. Drawing from post Foucauldian writings on governmentality, Deana’s research interrogates the assemblage of mentalities and techniques that make up policy and curriculum and in turn how they are assembled together within pedagogical spaces. At present her work explores the field of health education and school based health promotion with a focus on drug education, sex education and nutrition education.
Deana is currently working on a number of funded projects with Family Planning Queensland and Family Planning Victoria. In addition to this she is researching curriculum renewal in Health Education Teacher Education across Australia and New Zealand.


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