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Idaho, First Chair Lift Ornament
Boise State Maker Projects
  • Deana Brown, Boise State University
  • Amy Vecchione, Boise State University
  • Leslie Madsen-Brooks, Boise State University
Department or Major
Interdisciplinary Studies
RepRap (300 x 300) with a dual extruder using PLA filament, which is a type of thermoplastic made from plant sources

Albertsons Library at Boise State University (ID) is supporting a maker movement on campus. We recently acquired a RepRap 3D printer, and saw the 2014 3D Printed Ornament Challenge as a good reason to jump into learning 3D design. Being new to 3D design, the team decided to use Tinkercad, as it is fairly intuitive, and definitely easy to use.

We wanted our design to be specific to our state, and since the maker movement is all about innovation, we wanted to highlight an Idaho invention. A conversation with a faculty member from the history department made us aware that the world's first chair lift was installed in Idaho at Sun Valley. This was specific to our state, highlighted an innovation, and was winter themed. We had our concept!

To see step by step instructions see our Instructables page.

Settings we used to print:

Layer height: 0.2mm Solid infill: Top/ bottom 3 layers Infill: 35mm/s Solid infill: 40mm/s External perimeters, top and bottom layers: 70% speed No support material was needed Extruder temp: 185 Bed temp: 75 Time to Print: 53:66 Filament: 3mm PLA from Citizen Scientific Workshop.

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

Skis by edhak is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license,
Idaho Stencil by AndyP is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license,
Chair Lift by BykerSLC is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license,

Citation Information
Deana Brown, Amy Vecchione and Leslie Madsen-Brooks. "Idaho, First Chair Lift Ornament"
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