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Unpublished Paper
Proposed Amendment XXVIII
  • Dean A Cantalupo, Esq., Brooklyn Law School
We the People must demand change, Please consider the substantial structural change provided within the following proposed Amendment to the Constitution: Proposed Article of Amendment XXVIII. Section 1. We the People, do recognize and declare that the advances in communications and technology have progressed and have been successfully implemented, so that a separate national legislature of Senators and Members of the House of Representatives of the national government is no longer required and no longer desired by the People, who desire to have ever more accessible and more accountable legislators and representatives of this Federal Republic located within their own States and Commonwealths.
  • Amendment
Publication Date
Summer August 13, 2012
Structural Change, Food for Thought
Citation Information
Dean A Cantalupo. "Proposed Amendment XXVIII" (2012)
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