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The Age of Entanglement
Mind at Light Speed: A New Kind of Intelligence (2001)
  • David D Nolte, Purdue University
Quantum mechanics is a venerable field of study. The year 2000 marked the 100th anniversary of the
original quantum hypothesis proposed by Max Planck in November of 1900. Few current fields in physics
or engineering are as old as quantum mechanics. It predates relativity, both special and general. It predates
nuclear and particle physics. Quantum mechanics even predates universal acceptance of the molecular
hypothesis, that is, that all matter is made up of individual molecules in thermal motion. It may be hard to
believe, but this happened only after Einstein's paper on Brownian motion was published in his miracle
year 1905.
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Free Press
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David D Nolte. "The Age of Entanglement" Mind at Light Speed: A New Kind of Intelligence (2001)
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