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About David Cook-Martín

My work examines interconnected migration and nationality policies in the Americas and Europe as a way to understand political membership and belonging from a transnational perspective. His research interests broadly include: race and ethnicity (Ph.D field exam in this area), social inequalities, international migration, citizenship, sociology of Latin America, political sociology, sociology of law, sociology of religion, historical-comparative and ethnographic methods (Ph.D. field exam in this area).
I am especially interested in the relationship between ethnic legal categories and ideologies of universal equality. My work appears in the Journal of Historical Sociology, the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, the Journal of Interdisciplinary History and Citizenship Studies. I have also published chapters on transnational religious networks, ethnic return migration, and Latin American migrations to Spain.
I am currently working on a mixed-methods project entitled Race, Immigration and Citizenship in the Americas that studies the links between political liberalism and racialized preferences in the immigration and nationality laws of 22 countries in the Americas since 1850.


Present Associate Professor, Grinnell College
Present Director, Center for International Studies, Grinnell College

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