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Second Life and Other Virtual Worlds: A Roadmap for Research
28th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) (2007)
  • Brian Mennecke, Iowa State University
  • Edward Roche, Columbia University
  • David A. Bray, National Defense University
  • Benn Konsynski, Emory University
  • John Lester
  • Michael Rowe
  • Anthony Townsend, Iowa State University

Virtual worlds like Second Life are becoming important tools for, among other activities, socialization, social networking, entertainment, collaboration, and business development. These environments offer information systems researchers a unique opportunity to study how these environments are built and managed by operators, how they are used and misused by users, and the impact that they have on users, communities, organizations, and societies at large. This panel is designed to introduce the information systems community to this topic. We have assembled both academic and practitioners involved in building, managing, and using virtual worlds to discuss a roadmap for research on virtual worlds.

  • virtual worlds,
  • synthetic worlds,
  • online games,
  • virtual reality,
  • human computer interaction,
  • Second Life,
  • World of Warcraft,
  • research frameworks
Publication Date
December, 2007
Citation Information
Brian Mennecke, Edward Roche, David A. Bray, Benn Konsynski, et al.. "Second Life and Other Virtual Worlds: A Roadmap for Research" 28th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) (2007)
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