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Information Markets: Feasibility and Performance
OII DPSN Working Papers (2008)
  • David A. Bray, National Defense University
  • Karen Croxson, University of Oxford
  • William Dutton, University of Oxford

The performance of prediction markets has been one driving force behind the renewed attention on distributed problem solving. This case reviewed the feasibility and performance of prediction or information markets, discussed some apparently successful applications, considered likely limitations of information markets, and identified important areas for future research.

  • distributed problem solving networks,
  • internet,
  • network,
  • crowd sourcing,
  • problem solving,
  • organization,
  • prediction markets,
  • knowledge,
  • collaboration,
  • digital networks,
  • information sharing
Publication Date
November, 2008
Citation Information
David A. Bray, Karen Croxson and William Dutton. "Information Markets: Feasibility and Performance" OII DPSN Working Papers (2008)
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