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Aboriginal embassy:
Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive)
  • Nick Mclaren
  • David Blackall, University of Wollongong
  • Terumi Narushima, University of Wollongong
  • Oliver Kutzner, University of Wollongong
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Mclaren, N., Blackall, D., Narushima, T. & Kutzner, O.. Aboriginal Embassy:. Audio-visual recordingVideo. Wollongong: Nick McLaren, 2012.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy’s land rights protest, initiated outside the Australian Parliament in January 1972, rattled the government and sent a startling message around the world. The film follows the story through four protagonists, who recall first hand, events that shaped Aboriginal Australia’s most effective political action. Click here for link to short film The short film was presented as part of The Sydney Underground Film festival - Reality Bites. fascinating real-life narratives in short bite-size pieces. Everything from gnomes, grannies smoking weed, blood, family nightmares and robot porn!
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Sydney Underground Film Festival - Reality Bites
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Nick Mclaren, David Blackall, Terumi Narushima and Oliver Kutzner. "Aboriginal embassy:" (2012)
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