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Lost Innocents of Kashmir
Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive)
  • David Blackall, University of Wollongong
  • Kraig Grady, North American Embassy of Anaphoria Island
  • Oliver Kutzner, University of Wollongong
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Blackall, D., Grady, K. & Kutzner, O.. Lost Innocents of Kashmir. Audio-visual recording DVD. Wollongong: David Blackall, 2011. Length - 22 minutes. Trailer - 1 minute.


"Psy-ops, or black-ops, set everyone up for their fall in strategic places like Kashmir. Agitators cause trouble, trigger discontent, to which security forces respond. So starts the war of spin, propaganda and suspicion on the path to terrorism, retribution and torture. Meanwhile, poor refugees have nowhere to go. A personal story, told from memory, triggered by revitalising Super 8 images of 1989." David Blackall.

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David Blackall, Kraig Grady and Oliver Kutzner. "Lost Innocents of Kashmir" (2011)
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