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Social Media Policies for Professional Communicators
AEJMC Annual Conference, Communications Technology Division (2011)
  • Daxton R Stewart, Texas Christian University

As social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become increasingly prevalent ways for people to share and connect, professional communicators have increasingly incorporated these tools into their daily practice. However, journalism, advertising and public relations practitioners have little formal guidance to help them navigate the benefits and risks of using these tools professionally. The codes of ethics of their professional fields have not been updated, and to date, social media policies have not been examined from an academic perspective. This study reviews 26 social media policies of journalism and strategic communication companies to find common themes and concerns and to suggest best practices for professional communicators using social media tools. These themes include transparency, balancing the personal and the professional, maintaining confidentiality, rules for “friending,” and other matters central to developing an effective social media policy.

  • Social Media,
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Ethics
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Daxton R Stewart. "Social Media Policies for Professional Communicators" AEJMC Annual Conference, Communications Technology Division (2011)
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