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Calcium looping with supercritical CO2 cycle for decarbonisation of coal-fired power plant
Energy (2016)
  • Dawid P. Hanak
  • Vasilije Manovic
State-of-the-art integration scenarios of calcium looping (CaL), which is an emerging CO2 capture technology, assume that excess heat is used to raise steam for the steam cycle and result in a net effi-ciency penalty of 6.0e8.0% points. In this study, a concept using the supercritical CO2 cycle (s-CO2) instead of the conventional steam cycle is proposed. Retrofit of CaL with recompression s-CO2 cycle to the 580 MWel coal-fired power plant was found to result in a net efficiency penalty of 6.9%HHV points. This is 1%HHV point lower than that for the same system linked with the steam cycle having the same turbine inlet conditions (593.3 C/242.3 bar). A further reduction of the net efficiency penalty to 5.8%HHV points was achieved through considering a pump instead of a first CO2 compression stage and increasing the turbine inlet temperature to 620 C and pressure to 300 bar. As the s-CO2 cycle's specific capital cost is up to 27% lower than that of the equivalent steam cycle, CaL with s-CO2 cycle is a viable option for the coal-fired power plant decarbonisation. Moreover, it can be expected that this cycle can be successfully implemented in other high-temperature looping cycles, such as chemical looping combustion.

  • Calcium looping,
  • Carbon capture,
  • Coal-fired power plant,
  • Supercritical CO2 cycle,
  • Recompression Brayton cycle,
  • Efficiency penalty reduction
Publication Date
March 11, 2016
Citation Information
Hanak, D.P. and Manovic, V. (2016), “Calcium looping with supercritical CO2 cycle for decarbonisation of coal-fired power plant”, Energy, 102, 343–353.