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A Neural Network Decision-Making Model for Job-Shop Scheduling”
International Journal of Production Research (2013)
  • Davood Golmohammadi, PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston
Scheduling in a job-shop system is a challenging task. Simulation modelling is a well-known approach for evaluating the scheduling plans of a job-shop system; however, it is costly and time-consuming, and developing a model and interpreting the results requires expertise. As an alternative, we have developed a neural network (NN) model focused on detailed scheduling that provides a versatile job-shop scheduling analysis framework for management to easily evaluate different possible scheduling scenarios based on internal or external constraints. A new approach is also proposed to enhance the quality of training data for better performance. Previous NN models in scheduling focus mainly on job sequencing and simple operations fl ow, and may not consider the complexities of real-world operations. The proposed model ’ s output proved statistically equivalent to the results of the simulation model. The study was accomplished using sensitivity analysis to measure the effectiveness of the input variables of the NN model and their impact on the output, revealing that the batch size variable had a significant impact on the scheduling results in comparison with other variables
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Davood Golmohammadi. "A Neural Network Decision-Making Model for Job-Shop Scheduling”" International Journal of Production Research (2013)
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