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Unpublished Paper
The Doctrine of Baptism and Its Controversies
  • David C Taylor, Jr, Liberty University

Throughout the history of Christianity, Baptism has been a topic of strong debate both theologically and practically. There are two major sections of debate that are currently fought in Christian circles. The first is the question of for whom is baptism intended? The second question is how should one be baptized? The questions have long been argued for both sides and there are favorable evidences for the various positions on all sides. The sides can be divided into two main groups, Protestants and Catholics. However, within the two main groups there are also sub-groups that add many beliefs to the different topics that this paper will discuss.

  • Baptism,
  • Theology,
  • Baptist
Publication Date
Fall November 25, 2013
Citation Information
David C Taylor. "The Doctrine of Baptism and Its Controversies" (2013)
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