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Unpublished Paper
The Decline of Christianity in Modern Europe
  • David C Taylor, Jr, Liberty University

Europe was once considered the epicenter of the Christian religion. For centuries Christianity was not only the main religion of Europe it was also a main political power. The Roman Catholic church, and in turn the Christian faith, enjoyed great power at various times throughout history in the European countries and influenced the culture in many ways. However, today there has been a moral and spiritual decline in Europe of staggering numbers. This short essay will explore possible reasons for Christianity’s decline in Europe in the last century and whether or not there is a possibility that the church could start regaining traction in the region.

  • Church,
  • History,
  • England,
  • Europe,
  • Atheism,
  • Christianity,
  • Secularism
Publication Date
Spring May 4, 2015
Citation Information
David C Taylor. "The Decline of Christianity in Modern Europe" (2015)
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