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IEEE 1599 for Live Musical and Theatrical Performances
Weisberg Division of Computer Science Faculty Research
  • Adriano Barate
  • Goffredo Haus
  • Luca A. Ludovico
  • Davide Andrea Mauro, Marshall University
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In the context of two relevant examples of intangible cultural heritages, such as music and theater, this paper presents an innovative approach to online fruition of live performances. Our proposal aims at adding both interactivity and multi-layer fruition to traditional Web viewers, as well as a way to manipulate and create new media. The premise to reach these goals is digitizing a number of heterogeneous materials in order to describe a single performance comprehensively. The format we adopt to encode such information is based on the XML international standard known as IEEE 1599. Finally, two case studies about music and theater respectively will be presented. Index Terms—IEEE 1599, Web application, multi-layer encoding, cultural heritage, collaborative approaches.

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Baraté, A., Haus, G., Ludovico, L. A., & Mauro, D. A. IEEE 1599 for Live Musical and Theatrical. Journal of Multimedia, 2012;7(2)170-178. Doi: 10.4304/jmm.7.2.170-178