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Analyzing and organizing the sonic space of vocal imitation
Weisberg Division of Computer Science Faculty Research
  • Davide Andrea Mauro, PhD, Marshall University
  • D. Rocchesso
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Conference Proceeding
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The sonic space that can be spanned with the voice is vast and complex and, therefore, it is difficult to organize and explore. In order to devise tools that facilitate sound design by vocal sketching we attempt at organizing a database of short excerpts of vocal imitations. By clustering the sound samples on a space whose dimensionality has been reduced to the two principal components, it is experimentally checked how meaningful the resulting clusters are for humans. Eventually, a representative of each cluster, chosen to be close to its centroid, may serve as a landmark in the exploration of the sound space, and vocal imitations may serve as proxies for synthetic sounds.

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Citation Information
Mauro D.A., Rocchesso D. “Analyzing and organizing the sonic space of vocal imitation.” Audio Mostly 2015, October 7-9, 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece.