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About Davide Andrea Mauro

My primary field of research is into music informatics, related to 3D audio, recording and reproduction techniques, with a specific interest for binaural spatialization. During my phd program I focused my research in the implementation of real-time spatialization systems combined with head-tracking techniques in order to render an environment coherently with the position of the listener. I also used GPGPU (General Purpose computing on Graphic Processing Units) capabilities to realize a convolution engine on GPU.
I am also interested in psychoacoustics and in understanding the ``perception'' of 3D audio. I carried out research for hearing aids and I cooperated in a study for assessing tinnitus in normal-hearing population.

Besides I also carried out research in other topics related to computer music, such as the use of the IEEE 1599 format (developed at Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale - LIM) for transcription and encoding of live performances in sub-symbolic formats (e.g. MIDI). I applied this format also to application that aimed at the navigation of audio scenarios, new musical interfaces and streaming of multimedia contents over the web.

Former member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Generated Music (TC CGM).

Served as peer-reviewer for AES, CIM, CMMR, ICAD, ICMC, MMM, NIME, SIVE, and SMC conferences, technical committee for ``XX CIM - Colloquio di Informatica Musicale'' conference.

Co-organizer of the WIAMIS 2013 Special Session on 3D reconstruction, coding and transmission for audiovisual interactive services.


Present Assistant Professor, Marshall University

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