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About David E. Graves PhD

Graves (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen, Scotland) has been involved in teaching the Bible and archaeology for more than thirty-five years and is currently an Assistant Professor with Liberty University, Rawlings School of Divinity. He has taught archaeology at Oxford University, England; provided tours of the Ashmolean and British Museums; traveled extensively in the Middle East; and been involved in Mount Ararat research. He is currently a supervisor at the Shiloh excavations, Israel and was part of the team who discovered and excavated the Dead Sea Scroll cave Q12 near Qumran, Israel (Jan 2017) and Tall el-Hammam (Sodom?), Jordan (2005-2015); and is a member of the Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS). He is the author of The Seven Messages of Revelation and Vassal Treaties; Key Themes of the Old and New Testament; The Location of Sodom; and Biblical Archaeology: Vol. 2 available through and published through his company Electronic Christian Media (ECM). He has also authored a number of journal articles on the Bible and archaeology most available through Email d.graves777 -at-


June 2009 - Present Assistant Professor, Liberty University ‐ School of Divinity

Research Interests

Biblical Archaeology, Book of Revelation, Ecclesiology, Sodom, Local reference & historical cultural setting, Ancient Near Eastern vassal treaties, Covenantal lawsuit and structure, Apocalyptic literature, Seven churches, Imperial Cult, Roman Water Systems, Mt Ararat Research, Middle Bronze age Archaeology, Roman Archaeology, and Iron Age four roomed houses

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  • THEO 201 Theology Survey I
  • BIBL 450 Daniel-Revelation
  • BIBL 471 Introduction to Biblical Archaeology


May 2002 - May 2008 PhD, University of Aberdeen

Books (11)

Archaeology (13)

Commentary (1)