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Genetics of the screwworm fly
Faculty Publications: Department of Entomology
  • David B. Taylor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Estela Martinez Cuevas, USDA-ARS Screwworm Research Laboratory, Chiapas, Mexico
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Published in 77:420-422. 1986.

Three spontaneous eye mutants of Cochliomyia hominivorax, the screwworm fly, are described and characterized. The mutants, yellow eye (ye), orange eye (or), and white eye (wh), segregate independently and are recessive. Yellow eye is recessively epistatlc to orange eye and dominantly epistatic to white eye. All three mutants have complete penetrance, are autosomal, and have little effect on fly viabillty under laboratory conditions.
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David B. Taylor and Estela Martinez Cuevas. "Genetics of the screwworm fly" (1986)
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