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Consnet To Settle? A New Twist In The Tri-Partite Relationship
Barry Law Review (2010)
  • David F. Tavella

CONSENT TO SETTLE? A NEW TWIST IN THE TRI-PARTITE RELATIONSHIP BY DAVID F. TAVELLA Abstract This article examines the ethical obligations of defense counsel retained by a party’s insurance company regarding settlement of a case. The article examines the traditional relationship between an insured and retained defense counsel. the article next examines some alternative theories to describe the relationship, and the duties and obligation with each theory. The article next looks at the relationship between the insurer and insured, particularly the insurer’s ability to settle a case without the insured’s consent. The article next discusses defense counsel’s obligation under the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility, particularly dealing with defense counsel’s ability to assist in the settlement of a case when the insured does not consent to settlement..

  • Insurance,
  • Ethics,
  • Professional Conduct
Publication Date
Fall 2010
Citation Information
David F. Tavella. "Consnet To Settle? A New Twist In The Tri-Partite Relationship" 15 Barry L.Rev. 107 (2010)