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Compression and Extension of K//0 Normally Consolidated Kaolin
Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
  • J. H. Atkinson
  • David Newton Richardson, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • P. J. Robinson
This paper describes a series of triaxial tests carried out in microcomputer controlled stress path equipment to investigate the strength and the state boundary surface for one-dimensionally normally consolidated kaolin clay. These tests comprise a variety of stress and strain controlled loading paths including drained, constant p prime +0,and undrained tests in compression and extension, many of which were not available previously in conventional triaxial equipment. The tests show that both the strength and stress-strain behavior were significantly effected by a one-dimensional consolidation stress history.
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Keywords and Phrases
  • KAOLIN - Testing,
  • STRAIN - Control,
  • STRESSES - Analysis
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Article - Journal
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© 1987 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), All rights reserved.
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J. H. Atkinson, David Newton Richardson and P. J. Robinson. "Compression and Extension of K//0 Normally Consolidated Kaolin" Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Vol. 113 (1987) p. 1468 - 1482
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