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Integrating webinar and blogging technologies into chemistry seminar
J. Chem. Educ. (2011)
  • Dan Hamstra, Andrews University
  • Jyllian N Kemsley
  • Desmond H Murray, Andrews University
  • David W. Randall, Andrews University

We report successfully integrating webinar and blogging into an undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry seminar course. Commercial collaboration software linked speaker-operated slides with two-way voice and video effectively connecting the audience and presenter from different states. Student responses to the technology and seminar content were documented on an open, accessible blog site designed for the seminar course. Over 80% of student blog posts confirmed that the remote presenter had a strong presence in the lecture hall and that both the presentation technology and seminar content were well received compared to traditional “in-person” presentations. This low-cost, easily adaptable seminar format allows chemistry departments to greatly enhance the diversity of seminar speakers and learning experiences for their majors. Additionally, our successful experience of coupling webinar and blogging can serve as a template across disciplines and educational levels.

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Dan Hamstra, Jyllian N Kemsley, Desmond H Murray and David W. Randall. "Integrating webinar and blogging technologies into chemistry seminar" J. Chem. Educ. Vol. 88 Iss. 8 (2011)
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