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The Photoassisted MOVPE Growth of ZnSe(n)/GaAs(p+) Solar Cells
Solid-State Electronics (2003)
  • David W Parent, San Jose State University
  • A Rodriguez, University of Connecticut
  • J E Ayers, University of Connecticut
  • F C Jaine, University of Connecticut
We report the electrical characteristics of (n)ZnSe/(p+)GaAs heterostructure solar cells grown by depositing an n-type ZnSe epilayer using photoassisted metal organic vapor phase epitaxy on p+ type GaAs (1 0 0) substrates. A study of the solar cell efficiency as a function of ZnSe epilayer thickness is also presented. Our preliminary results show that an epilayer thickness of 1.5 μm produced the highest efficiency for the cells tested, (4.27% under AM1.5 conditions, no anti-reflective coating). We also demonstrate a method to pattern ZnSe/GaAs structures with an inexpensive methanol/bromine etch process.
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David W Parent, A Rodriguez, J E Ayers and F C Jaine. "The Photoassisted MOVPE Growth of ZnSe(n)/GaAs(p+) Solar Cells" Solid-State Electronics (2003)
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