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Berkeley Law's Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects
Journal of Legal Education (2013)
  • David B Oppenheimer
  • Susan Schechter, Berkeley Law
  • Shalini Swaroop
  • Trish Keady, Berkeley Law
Berkeley has a long history of student activism. Therefore, it should surprise no one that over the past 20 years, as Berkeley Law students found that the curriculum did not offer first year students the opportunity to enroll in clinics, or otherwise participate in public service projects as part of their first year studies, they established their own voluntary projects. These projects, student initiated and student directed, provide Berkeley Law students the opportunity to begin helping people with legal problems in their first semester while bringing social context to their legal studies and exposing them to the values and skills of the legal profession. They have become an important part of the student experience for most of the first year class.
  • Experiential Education,
  • Pro Bono,
  • Legal Education
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David B Oppenheimer, Susan Schechter, Shalini Swaroop and Trish Keady. "Berkeley Law's Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects" Journal of Legal Education Vol. 62 Iss. 4 (2013) p. 621 - 630
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