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A Low-Dimensional Model for Chaos in Open Fluid-Flows
Physics of Fluids A-Fluid Dynamics
  • David J. Olinger, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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A forced Landau-Stuart equation is studied in order to derive a low-dimensional model describing the temporal behavior of a paradigm open flow, the two-dimensional forced cylinder wake. Numerical results from the model exhibit several characteristics of circle maps, and compare qualitatively to previous experimental results for an oscillating cylinder wake. The low-dimensional model is also shown to reduce to a circle map in the limit of small forcing amplitudes. Observation of circle map dynamics in the forced Landau-Stuart equation strengthens the conjecture that globally unstable fluid flows are amenable to a dynamical systems approach focusing on the study of low-dimensional iterative maps. The established connection between the Landau-Stuart equation and the circle map unifies certain aspects of spatiotemporal stability and low-dimensional chaos theory.
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David J. Olinger. "A Low-Dimensional Model for Chaos in Open Fluid-Flows" Physics of Fluids A-Fluid Dynamics Vol. 5 Iss. 8 (1993) p. 1947 - 1951
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