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About David C. Nielsen

The specific objectives of the work I do for the USDA-ARS are to: (1) Determine effects of water use and water stress on productivity of adapted crops; (2) Determine the effect of various types, amounts, and orientations of crop residues on precipitation storage efficiency, available soil water at planting, and cropping system productivity; (3) Determine water use amounts and patterns of water uptake and water stress effects on productivity and yield of traditional and potential alternative crop species grown in various rotations, tillage systems, and planting geometries to identify the most efficient, economical, and environmentally safe production systems for the central Great Plains; this work includes evaluations of the pros and cons of cover crop usage in dryland systems; (4) Calibrate, test, and apply existing computer models of crop growth, development, and yield using comprehensive data sets from central Great Plains cropping systems experiments, and extrapolate research results throughout the variable soils and climate regions of the central Great Plains; (5) Develop simple decision support systems to assist farmers in making crop choices in flexible fallow (opportunity cropping) production systems based on measured soil water at planting. Methods to be used include infrared thermometry and porometry; water balance measurements derived from soil water measurements by use of gravimetric soil sampling, neutron scattering, and time domain reflectometry; plant growth and development observation and sampling, and microclimate monitoring; computers and data acquisition systems for data collection, analysis, and summaries; database management.


Present Faculty Member, United States Department of Agriculture

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