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About Dr David A Newell

Dr David A Newell BSc(Hons), PhD (SCU)
My primary research interest is in the ecology of endangered amphibians and in gaining an improved understanding their population biology through the use of capture mark recapture and patch occupancy studies. Collectively, amphibians are thought to be the most extinction prone vertebrates of modern times and in order to adequately conserve them, we need an improved understanding of the factors that threaten them. Many of these species are narrow range endemics that are susceptible to climate change and disease impacts and as such the development of rigorous long term approaches to population monitoring are required.
I have been undertaking long-term monitoring in the World Heritage rainforests of northern NSW for over a decade and work closely with park managers in the development of improved conservation outcomes. Increasingly these areas are also used for recreation and if not carefully managed can inadvertently impact on the World Heritage values.
I also have an interest in the use of web-based technologies to capture community knowledge of species distributions via interactive mapping technologies and am currently using this to map cane toad distribution in New South Wales.


2012 - Present Lecture, Southern Cross University School of Environment, Science and Engineering

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Contact Information

PO Box 157
Lismore NSW
Australia 2480
Phone:(+61 2) 66203448
Facsimile:(+61 2) 6621 2669


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