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Effect of Genome-Plastome Interaction on Meiosis and Pollen Development in Oenothera Species And Hybrids
Sexual Plant Reproduction (1997)
  • Michael J. Chapman
  • David L. Mulcahy, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Oenothera villaricae Dietrich and Oe. picensis Dietrich, complete translocation heterozygotes, are fully interfertile, giving rise to six discrete classes of true­ breeding hybrids from a reciprocal cross. Associated with each parent and hybrid is a characteristic ab01tive non­ staining pollen fraction easily distinguished from fully developed pollen under the light microscope. Pollen abortion has been associated with translocation rings in other angiosperm species, and may characterize such sys­ tems. The abortive pollen fraction is significantly differ­ ent between reciprocal Oenothera hybrids, however (P<0.001), indicative of partial cytoplasmic control. Pol­ len abortion is most severe in the F 1 hybrid generation, and ameliorates with successive generations of hybrid self-fertilization. Three-way analysis of variance shows significant effects on pollen stainability (a measure of the non-abortive fraction) for nucleus, cytoplasm and selfed hybrid generation, individually or in combinations. This result suggests a combined nucleocytoplasmic basis for the pollen abortion. Correlated with the observation of in­ creased pollen abortion in Oenothera hybrids are meiotic findings of broken chromosome rings (chains, univa­ lents), asymmetric anaphase chromosome distributions and trinucleate tetrads. To test the hypothesis that such anomalous meiotic events play a role in the mechanism of pollen abortion, meiotic disjunction frequency was de­ termined for each parent, F1 and F9 selfed hybrid acces­ sions. Three-way analysis of variance shows levels of sig­ nificance comparable to those noted for pollen stainabili­ ty (P
  • Translocation rings,
  • Nondisjunction,
  • Microsporogenesis,
  • Oenothera
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Sexual Plant Reproduction had a title change to Plant Reproduction in 2012
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Michael J. Chapman and David L. Mulcahy. "Effect of Genome-Plastome Interaction on Meiosis and Pollen Development in Oenothera Species And Hybrids" Sexual Plant Reproduction Vol. 10 (1997)
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