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About David May

Dr. David C. May is a Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice. He is also a Kentucky Center for School Safety Research Fellow at Eastern Kentucky University. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology with emphasis in Criminology from Mississippi State University in 1997 and joined the faculty at Eastern Kentucky University in 2001. Dr. May has coauthored an Introduction to Corrections textbook, a book on perceptions of the punitiveness of prison, and two books examining gun possession and use among juveniles. His research interests include the causes and cures of juvenile delinquency, fear of criminal victimization among adults and adolescents, predictors of gun possession and use among juveniles, crime in schools, and perceptions of sentence severity among adults. In his spare time, David is heavily involved in scouting and youth sport activities.


Present Department of Criminal Justice, Eastern Kentucky University
Present Professor and Kentucky Center for School Safety Research Fellow, Eastern Kentucky University

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