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All You Ever Wanted to Know About ARC Storage and Then Some
Southeastern Library Association Conference (2008)
  • Debra G. Skinner, Georgia Southern University
  • Cynthia J. Frost, Georgia Southern University
  • David A. Lowder, Georgia Southern University
  • Frederick W. Smith, Georgia Southern University

Zach S. Henderson Library at Georgia Southern University has been using its automated retrieval collection (ARC) for close to two years now. In the automated storage environment, books and other materials are stored in bins. Robotic machines deliver the bins to an area convenient to the Circulation Desk after users request books electronically. Presenters will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of automated storage. They will then explain how they selected materials for ARC storage and how they implemented their ARC storage plans. Presenters will speak from the perspective of technical services, computer systems, and shelving. Finally, they will address public service issues related to automated storage.

Publication Date
October 2, 2008
Citation Information
Debra G. Skinner, Cynthia J. Frost, David A. Lowder and Frederick W. Smith. "All You Ever Wanted to Know About ARC Storage and Then Some" Southeastern Library Association Conference (2008)
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