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Birds Associated with Blackbird Spring Feeding Sites in South Dakota
USDA National Wildlife Research Center - Staff Publications
  • George M Linz, North Dakota State University
  • David L Bergman, North Dakota State University
  • William J Bleier, North Dakota State University
Date of this Version
Published in Prairie Naturalist 27(1): March 1995.
From 2 to 16 April 1993, we conducted road-side surveys of birds using harvested fields of small grains, soybeans, and wm within 8 km of two blackbird roosts in east central South Dakota. Blackbirds, waterfowl, killdeer, homed larks, ring-necked pheasants, and western meadowlarks were the most common buds recorded. The frequencies of blackbirds, non-game birds, terrestrial game birds, and waterfowl was not equally distributed within the three habitats (P = 0.U.23).
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George M Linz, David L Bergman and William J Bleier. "Birds Associated with Blackbird Spring Feeding Sites in South Dakota" (1995)
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