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Effects of habitatfragmentation on avian nesting success: a review of the evidence at multiple spatialscales
Biological Conservation (2003)
  • Scott E. Stephens
  • David N. Koons, Utah State University
  • Jay J. Rotella
  • David W. Wiley
We reviewed published literature to examine the effect of habitat fragmentation on avian nesting success at three spatial scales (i.e., edge, patch, and landscape scales). We identified 86 relevant manuscripts that provided 117 individual tests of hypotheses regarding the effects of habitat fragmentation on nesting success. Most papers and reviews on this topic have been narrow in scope and have not examined multiple spatial scales. However, our results suggest that the scale at which fragmentation is measured (i.e., edge, patch and landscape) and the duration of the study do influence the probability that a study will detect a fragmentation effect. Studies that measured fragmentation at landscape scales and studies conducted over several years were more likely to detect effects of fragmentation on nesting success.
  • Birds; Habitat fragmentation; Landscape metrics; Nesting success; Spatial scales
Publication Date
January, 2003
Citation Information
Stephens, S.E., D.N. Koons, D.W. Willey, and J.J. Rotella. 2003. Effects of habitat fragmentation on avian nesting success: a review of the evidence at multiple spatial scales. Biological Conservation 115:101-110.