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Generating Opportunity from Uncertainty
Air Force Journal of Logistics
  • David R. King, Marquette University
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6 p.
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Air Force Logistics Management Agency
Learning to deal with uncertainty makes organizations more robust. Leaders can take steps to help their organizations take advantage uncertainty. When continued success transitions from informed decision to luck, small differences in the ability of organizations to handle uncertainty can have a large impact. An example from military history is used to outline current day lessons for military and business leaders.

Published version. Air Force Journal of Logistics, Vol. 32, No. 3 (2009): 48-53. Publisher link. © 2009 Air Force Logistics Management Agency. Used with permission.

David R. King was a commander of the 667th Aeronautical Squadron at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at the time of publication.

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David R. King. "Generating Opportunity from Uncertainty" Air Force Journal of Logistics (2009) ISSN: 0270-403X
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