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Apparatus and method for on-line barkhausen measurement
Iowa State University Patents
  • David C. Jiles, Iowa State University
  • Anthony Parakka, Iowa State University
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Apparatus and method for measuring the Barkhausen signal of a moving magnetic film, ribbon or fiber wherein first and second stationary electromagnet coils are arranged and separated by a distance, d, along the path of movement of the film, ribbon or fiber. The first and second coils are energized in a manner to generate first and second opposing DC magnetic fields through which the moving film, ribbon or fiber passes along its path of movement. As the film, ribbon or fiber moves through the first and second opposing magnetic fields at a velocity, v, it experiences one complete cycle of magnetization in a period of time equal to d/v. A stationary third signal pick-up coil is disposed between the first and second coils to detect the Barkhausen signal from the moving film, ribbon or fiber. The pick-up coil typically is disposed midway between the first and second coils where the Barkhausen signal will be approximately maximum.

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US 6,084,404 A
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.
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US 09/036,533
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David C. Jiles and Anthony Parakka. "Apparatus and method for on-line barkhausen measurement" (2000)
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