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Magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of Ga-substituted cobalt ferrite
Journal of Applied Physics
  • S. H. Song, Iowa State University
  • Chester C.H. Lo, Iowa State University
  • S. J. Lee, Iowa State University
  • S. T. Aldini, Iowa State University
  • J. E. Snyder, Cardiff University
  • David C. Jiles, Cardiff University
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Magnetic and magnetoelasticproperties of a series of Ga-substituted cobaltferrites,CoGaxFe2−xO4 (x=0.0–0.8), have been investigated. The Curie temperatureTCand hysteresis properties were found to vary with gallium content (x), which indicates that exchange and anisotropy energies changed as a result of substitution of Ga for Fe. The maximum magnitude of magnetostriction decreased monotonically with increasing gallium content over the range x=0.0–0.8. The rate of change of magnetostriction with applied magnetic field (dλ/dH) showed a maximum value of 3.2×10−9A−1m for x=0.2. This is the highest value among recently reported cobaltferrite based materials. It was found that the dependence of magnetic and magnetoelasticproperties on the amount of substituent (x) was different for Mn, Cr, and Ga. This is considered to be due to the differences in cation site occupancy preferences of the elements within the spinel crystal structure: Mn3+ and Cr3+ prefer the octahedral (B) sites, whereas Ga3+ prefers the tetrahedral (A) sites.

The following appeared in Journal of Applied Physics 101 (2007): 09C517 and may be found at

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S. H. Song, Chester C.H. Lo, S. J. Lee, S. T. Aldini, et al.. "Magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of Ga-substituted cobalt ferrite" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 101 Iss. 9 (2007) p. 09C517
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