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Generalized form of anhysteretic magnetization function for Jiles–Atherton theory of hysteresis
Applied Physics Letters (2009)
  • A. Raghunathan, Cardiff University
  • Y. Melikhov, Cardiff University
  • J. E. Snyder, Cardiff University
  • David C. Jiles, Cardiff University
A generalized form of anhysteretic magnetization function to extend Jiles–Atherton theory to different forms of anisotropy has been derived. The general equation for the function has been compared with those of calculations made on the basis of known equations for specific cases: axially anisotropic (one-dimensional), planar anisotropic (two-dimensional), and isotropic (three-dimensional). The Jiles–Atherton model using the proposed functional form of generalized anhysteretic magnetization function for anisotropy dependence has been validated and the necessary equations derived. It has been shown in this work that this functional form of anhysteretic magnetization with necessary boundary conditions can be reduced to the familiar specific model equations in the particular cases.
  • Magnetic anisotropy,
  • Anisotropy,
  • Boundary value problems,
  • Gibbs free energy,
  • Numerical modeling
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A. Raghunathan, Y. Melikhov, J. E. Snyder and David C. Jiles. "Generalized form of anhysteretic magnetization function for Jiles–Atherton theory of hysteresis" Applied Physics Letters Vol. 95 Iss. 17 (2009)
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