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About David J. Hollander

My research program focuses on evaluating the influence that anthropogenic and natural climate and environmental change have on the biogeoChemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen, and other biolimiting elements in both modern and ancient lacustrine and marine settings.
This research couples state-of-the-art analytical techniques in stable isotope and organic geochemistry in order provide a detailed characterization of organic matter. The goals of his research are to understand how biological, Chemical and physical processes in modern environments control the production, composition, alteration, decomposition and preservation of organic matter. The results of his studies in modern settings are applied to the analysis of ancient organic-rich sediments in order to reconstruct the environmental and climatic factors controlling the accumulation of organic matter throughout the geologic record.


Present Associate Professor of Chemical Oceanography, University of South Florida

Contact Information

Office Phone: (727) 553-1019