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Appliance Efficiency
UNEP Guide for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Laws (2016)
  • David R. Hodas
Refrigerators, computers, clothes washers and dryers, air conditioners, office equipment, and heating consume huge amounts of electricity. Although energy growth varies considerably among nations and economic sectors, every nation should improve the energy efficiency of its new stock of electric appliances and commercial equipment, which generally can be done at a cost far lower than building new generation facilities, before incurring the large capital expense and adverse environmental consequences of increasing generation and transmission capacity. Appliance efficiency labels that accurately inform consumers of the electricity the appliance will require, and appliance efficiency standards that set minimum efficiency requirements for appliances in the marketplace are among the most inexpensive and effective means of improving the efficiency of residential and commercial electricity use. Private manufacturers will innovate and compete within the government set ground rules. Government can also provide incentives to industry to improve appliance efficiency beyond minimum standards. As greater product efficiency is realized, the government could ratchet the standards to the higher level achieved by the innovation. This iterative process can transform the market to one that drives substantial efficiency improvements.

This chapter will offer an overview of the process and issues involved in drafting appliance efficiency and labeling laws, provide examples of typical legislative language and references to on-line resources with detailed information, analytical templates and supporting databases for drafting appliance efficiency legislation and regulations.
  • appliances,
  • energy efficiency,
  • environmental law,
  • energy law
Publication Date
September, 2016
Richard Ottinger
United Nations Environment Programme, Pace University Law School Energy and Climate Center
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David R. Hodas. "Appliance Efficiency" UNEP Guide for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Laws (2016) p. 71
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